Vortex Market Link: New Dark Web Market in 2024

The Vortex Shop dark web market launched in late 2023 , early 2024. It is a young darknet store with many different types of products.

Everyone probably knows the recent events with such darknet markets as Incognito – where the German security services closed the market, or such as the Nemesis market, which just screwed everyone for money….
2024 will not be an easy year for the darknet, everyone is fighting it and wants to keep it under their control.

While Vortex market is working, it is necessary not to get to the scam, because a lot of links to this store are phishing.
We have checked a lot of such links on github or on other sites and we see that phishing links on the onion market is a lot indeed.

Vortex Market Shop link:

As we said before, we found one onion link to this market that works.
But we’re telling you this for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for it.

The link itself is here:


Just for education purposes!

Features of Vortex Dark web Market

  • Once you go to their site, you will see this:
  • Anonymous Shopping
  • Simple, fast, secure.
  • Instantly Buy & Sell Goods.
  • Pay with Bitcoin, Monero, Tron (TRC20) & other crypto.

We don’t ask for any personal information. We do not care who you are. We do care about your right to privacy.

This is actually the pluses of this marketplace